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Today is warm, so we will go outside.

Which of the following word order is correct?

(a) Heute ist es warm, so gehen wir raus.

(b) Heute ist es warm, so wir gehen raus.

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As already pointed out, "also" is the correct word to use here. In this case, since "also" is a conjunctional adverb (I don't actually know, whether it would be called this way in English, the correct German term is "Konjunktionaladverb"), the correct word order is "also - verb - subject". This applies also to all other words of similar type like "dennoch", "doch", "ebenso" or "insofern" (and many more).

But let me add some other uses of "so" that were not mentioned already. You can use the German "so" in the sense of the English "if" - in very formal circumstances:

So Gott will, wird es gut gehen.

If God wants, it'll be alright.

Another usage that you might frequently encounter is in the sense of "like" as a filling word in colloquial language:

Er sagte so: "Hau ab" und ich so: "Nein"

He said "Get lost" and I answered "No" (feel free to add "like": He said like, "Get lost"...)

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An idiomatic translation of Er sagte so: Hau ab and und ich so: Nein would be And he's like: f___ off! and And I'm like: No!. – Thorsten Dittmar Jan 27 '14 at 15:18

In German I don't believe you can use so as a conjunction, but rather also, which fills the 1st position in the sentence or clause sending the subject to the 3rd position.

Heute ist es warm, also gehen wir aus.

contrasted with

Heute ist es warm, und wir gehen aus.

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Verb is still in 2nd position, as clause+also only fill up one position together. – Toscho Jan 26 '14 at 15:00

You only use so when you comparing people or things:

Ich bin so alt wie du

I am as old as you (are)

Du bist größer als er

You are taller than he (is)

It can also meansuch or like that:

Schau mich nicht so an!

Dont look at me like that!

So ist das Leben.

That's the life.

In this context, so is not used here but also instead:

Heute ist es warm,also gehen wir aus.

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