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What would one do in this case? Can the anticipatory pronoun just be left out altogether, as in

1 - Ich bin mir bewusst, dass er morgen kommen wird

or do we need eg

2 - Ich bin mir dessen bewusst, dass er morgen kommen wird

(not sure "dessen" is the right one, but seems logical since a genitive is required there)

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Yes, "dessen" is the right one. – elena Mar 4 '14 at 14:40
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You can leave our the dessen if you change the sentence slightly:

Mir ist bewusst, dass er morgen kommen wird.

(In fact, then you need to leave out the dessen, as you can not say Mir ist dessen bewusst, ...)

If you want to keep the form Ich bin mir, you need to say

Ich bin mir dessen bewusst, dass ...

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FWIW in spoken language that doesn't matter. I heard the first example sentence more than enough, and personally must say, I don't dislike it... – Vogel612 Mar 4 '14 at 16:41

1 - Ich bin mir bewusst, dass er morgen kommen wird

and also Mir ist bewusst is used like that. You can add dessen in the first case, but it's totally normal to do without.

You must use dessen if you substitute something that has been said (or written) before and you are referring to it

3 - A: Er wird schon morgen kommen. B: Ich bin mir dessen bewusst. (Das ist mir bewusst.)

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