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1,..beauftragte auf dem in London im November 1847 abgehaltenen Kongresse die unterzeichenten mit der abfassung eines fuer die oeffentlichkeit bestimmten,ausfuehrlichen theoretischen Parteiprogramms. Look at this sentence below , as my german teacher taught me, the order of this sentence should be ' beauftragte auf dem abgehaltenen Kongrasse die unterzeichenten mit der abfassung im November 1847 in London fuer die oeffentlichkeit eines bestimmten ,ausfuehrlichen theoretischen Parteiprogramms' am i right? but this sentence is quoted from Marx's theory book.

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There are so many errors and typos in both sentences, that I even refrain of editing your answer. Please edit your question, to make it readable and understandable. –  Em1 Mar 26 '14 at 6:37
You don't happen to be the same Bruce? –  Portree Kid Mar 26 '14 at 7:16
When quoting, please provide an exact reference to which book/edition/page you are quoting from. Especially if you are quoting only a part of one sentence - context can be very important in these cases. Try not to introduce typos of your own. And no, you are not right, the first sentence is a lot better. –  Hulk Mar 26 '14 at 8:57
Make an effort please... then we will, too. –  Emanuel Mar 26 '14 at 16:10

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Your original sentence has to be corrected like this first: 1: ".. beauftragte auf dem in London im November 1847 abgehaltenen Kongress die Unterzeichneten mit der Abfassung eines für die Öffentlichkeit bestimmten, ausführlichen theoretischen Parteiprogramms."

Your teachers suggestion: 2: "..beauftragte auf dem abgehaltenen Kongress die Unterzeichneten mit der Abfassung im November 1847 in London für die Öffentlichkeit eines bestimmten, ausführlichen theoretischen Parteiprogramms" is not as good as the original sentence, because the meaning is different and for a german native speaker in an unusual form. - the time+location part "im November 1847 in London" can be put either after the "beauftragte <>" or (as in sentence 1) after "beauftragte auf dem <>". In sentence 2 it breaks the connection between the term "Abfassung" which describes the action to be taken (create something..) and the end of the sentence "..Parteiprogramms" which denotes what to be created. Time and location are closely related to the Kongress. They belong to it and describe it, therefore they need to placed in close relation to it or need to be put into an extra sentence.

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