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I wouldn't use a comma with

Aufgrund des Wetters marschierten wir los.

I would use a comma with

Da drei Tage vergangen waren, marschierten wir los.

What's the correct punctuation in

Aufgrund des Wetters und da drei Tage vergangen waren[,] marschierten wir los.


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I would actually write:

Aufgrund des Wetters, und da drei Tage vergangen waren, marschierten wir los.

but you should wait for another opinion.

The second comma is non-negotiable, and the first one seems to be strongly indicated by the need to make a speech pause to make the awkward parallelism of a prepositional phrase and a sentence intelligible.

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@Takkat: No, it treats the inner phrase as "Einschub". –  Phira Jun 7 '11 at 16:53
The optional comma can be set when the "Einschub" is an independent sentence (§73). This is the case here, like saying "Drei Tage waren vergangen" - you are right! –  Takkat Jun 7 '11 at 17:21

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