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Assume I want to use/create a german adjective of the form number-noun-adjective, for example think about things that are as long as two cars. Could I say




In fact, if possible, I want to use the latter case, as my noun is a rather complicated scientific term. How do I capitalize such adjectives? Easy Example:

Dieser LKW ist zwei-autos-lang / Zwei-Autos-lang / zwei-Autos-lang.

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Just a hint: "zweiautoslang" reads like "zweiauto-slang". Also read this article on canoo's Blog. – Em1 Apr 7 '14 at 14:51
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There isn’t any word composition happening here, as zwei Autos acts as a sort of adverb describing lang (I cannot exactly grammatically classify this right now). Therefore it is:

Dieser LKW ist zwei Autos lang.

Also, compare to the following cases:

Ich bin fünf Jahre alt.
Der LKW ist fünf Meter lang.

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