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The Eisbrecher song Fanatica has the line "let me put some dust on your face". I assume this is a literal translation of a German expression, but I can't figure out what it means.

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Das ist doch eine Frage nach einer englischen Formel? M.E. off topic. –  user unknown Apr 25 at 5:18
It asks for the meaning of an non-understood English formular. –  user unknown Apr 25 at 5:19
It's probably a drug-related phrase. Given the overall quality of the lyrics I wouldn't spend much time thinking about it. –  Twinkles Apr 25 at 11:15
@userunknown: Aber die Frage ist, welcher deutsche Satz hier eventuell schlecht übersetzt wurde, und hierfür ist primär Wissen über die deutsche Sprache erforderlich. Insofern ist die Frage schon on-topic (und vergleichbar mit einer Frage über die Bedeutung des Worts Oldtimer). –  Wrzlprmft Apr 25 at 11:17
@Wrzlprmft Danke shön! Das ist was ich genau gemeint –  Benubird Apr 25 at 11:37

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I am not aware of a corresponding German expression, certainly not a common one.

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+1 me neither.. –  Franz Ebner Apr 24 at 15:54
I also don't know exactly what they mean by "feed my fire" and "heat my wire" ... well, that's lyrics for you. –  Ingmar Apr 24 at 16:01
Sieht für mich wie ein Kommentar, nicht wie eine Antwort aus. –  user unknown Apr 25 at 5:16
It's got three upvotes, so who am I to argue? –  Ingmar Apr 25 at 5:26
You mean all the lyrics of all songs ever make sense to you? You either have a very eclectic taste in music, or "sense" just doesn't meant the same to both of us ... –  Ingmar Apr 25 at 8:59

The Song "Fanatica" (published 2003) is not from "Rammstein" but from "Eisbrecher" (Eisbrecher = ice breaker). (There are more NDH-bands than just Rammstein). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWu2il7pckY

Lyrics doesn't always need to mean something.

Maybe you understand the mood that should be expressed by this song if you read the complete lyrics and its translation.

Complete lyrics:

Wir tanzen elektrisch
Ganz hektisch
Wir schwingen fantastisch
Wir drehn uns narkotisch
Wir tanzen den Rhythmus
Wo ich mit muss

Feed my fire
Let me put some dust on your face
Heat my wire
You make me feel ecstatic
Make me dance fanatic tonight

Tanz - fanatica
Tanz - fanatica

Wir tanzen elektrisch
Ganz hektisch
Wir schweben erotisch
Wir wiegen uns kryptisch
Wir tanzen ekstatisch
Wir tanzen fanatisch

Feed my fire ...

(repeated refrain)

Translation of the german parts:

We dance electric
Totally hectic
We swing fantastic
We turn narcotic
We dance the rhythm
that I must follow 1)

Feed my fire ...

dance - fanatica 2)

We dance electric
Totally hectic
We levitate erotic
We sway cryptic
We dance ecstatic
We dance fanatic

Feed my fire ...

1) "Der Rhythmus wo ich (immer) mit muss" is phrase that is hard to translate. I lives from its rhyme.

2) "fanatica" is neither a german nor an english word. Maybe it should be an exotic version of "fanatic"

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You're right about the band! I was listening to rammstein when I typed the question, and just put the wrong name in. Thanks for pointing it out - I've edited the question. –  Benubird Apr 25 at 8:38

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