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I am localizing some video games for the German language, but need to know the proper translations for a couple golf clubs. I realize that each of these has a literal translation, but I was hoping someone could share the idiomatic names (as they would be called while golfing) in German.

The names I need are:

  1. Driver (Found Fahrer but is this correct?)
  2. Iron (Found Eisen but I think this is speaking of the metal)
  3. Putter (I think this one is literally putter in German)

Any clarification would be great.

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I'm not a golfer but I can give you this:

  1. Fahrer is wrong; it refers to a person operating a vehicle. Anecdotally, driver is also translated as Treiber when referring to software. I thought of Treiber in golfing too but I don't believe that's right.
  2. Eisen is correct, to the best of my untrained knowledge. Ein Neuner-Eisen is a colloquial term in German, and if that's not from golfing then I have no idea.
  3. Putter is correct, when capitalized of course.
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The German wikipedia names them

Driver = Holz 1 or Driver

Iron = Eisen

Putter = Putter

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