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Is there any difference between treiben and trieben?

According to my dictionary, they have the same meaning, so are they just the same word written in a little different way?

What about the compound words? For example:


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trieben is the 1st person plural and 3rd person plural preterite of treiben. So disregarding conjugation, they have the same meaning.

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Nota bene: "der Trieb" is the substantive for the cause of "treiben", even though the act is "das Treiben". – Raphael Jun 2 '14 at 19:28

What about the compound words?

It's the same thing with compound words (actually prefixed verbs), i.e. auftrieben is the preterite form.

Here's an example with abtreiben.

Die Seefahrer ahnten, ein solcher Sturm würde ihr Schiff vom Kurs abtreiben.
Als dann tatsächlich starke Böen das Schiff vom Kurs abtrieben, waren sie darauf gefasst.

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