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I'm looking for good resources or exercises for practicing recognizing long vs. short vowels. Minimal pair recordings in "quiz" format would be ideal.

I know when reading whether a vowel should be long or short, and if I pay attention I can pronounce them correctly. But reliably hearing the difference is still hard for me.

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You can find various German pronunciation practices via Google, but I found German pronunciation practice useful to make a hand in German vowels.

For more information before clicking the link, it includes:

  • Pronunciation of German vowels
  • Pronunciation of "o" in German
  • Pronunciation of "ö" in German
  • Short or long vowels in German
  • Double vowels' pronunciation in German
  • Pronunciation of diphthongs in German
  • Pronunciation of "r" following e, o, u, ä, ö, ü
  • Pronouncing "e" in the last syllable
  • Pronunciation of "ch" in German

And each part is completed by a good list of examples which can be played, you can see the translation of words by moving the cursor over the word.

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