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I'm trying to translate the phrase:

Sicher regnet es gleich...

What is the meaning of "es gleich" in that context?
I don't think "equally" fits so well

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Regarding "es" read this Wikipedia article. – "Gleich" is referring to time, meaning "soon". –  Em1 Aug 30 '14 at 13:23

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The expression is not es gleich. The es belongs to es regnet (it is raining, it rains). In this context, gleich means in a moment, immediately or in a little while.

The es comes after regnet, because the sentence is a simple positive sentence where, in German, the verb takes the second position (Verbzweitstellung) after the sicher (surely).

So the sentence means something like

Surely, it's about to rain.

For sure, it's going to rain in a moment.

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