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There are alot free, shareware, open source, proprietary programs & online services with highly variating quality. Esp. the quality differences for different languages are high. Google & Android offer free voice search for example. But what to use for whole german sentences and not only search keywords?

Maybe some here own licences of more expensive or tested occupationally several speech recognition programs. Whats your best buy/download tip for German?

Please name only good-high quality software (good punctuation, speech recognition with acceptable voice learning time of the software, foreign words library)

Please give at least a link to software, runnnig platforms/OS, rough price.

Please give at least a link to software, runnnig platforms/OS, rough price.

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Both questions are on a different topic (recognition vs. readers). I disagree with them being dupes. –  Takkat Jul 18 '11 at 8:21
the problem with one question is besides loosing overview what TTS & recognition software is: how can other vote for a software recommended in an answer that they would recommmend too. The state of the art and leading companies for speech recognition and synthesis are not the same, as the algorithms are fundamental different. I really want people here to vote for the best high-quality software for German. So a answer should recommend ONE software, so this gets basically a poll –  Hauser Jul 18 '11 at 11:10

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