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Here seems to be a neat site. I like the real samples from (I assuming) real Germans...or at least people fluent in German.

But I'm always concerned with learning a new language from a system that is wrong in how they teach.

Opinions are appreciated.


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This question is a little vague for this site. Try specifying exactly what you want opinions of. For example: "Does the pronunciation sound native?" or "Are the texts written in colloquial or formal language? Are the texts correct?" – Stovner Jul 21 '11 at 8:19
Related. – user508 Jul 21 '11 at 10:15

I don't know much about didacts, especially teaching foreign languages. But i'm not sure whether there's really a "system" behind that site. It mainly offers translations, some sort of "language in context / in action". This makes it easier for someone who already has some acquaintance with the foreign language to broaden his/her knowledge regarding vocabulary and formulations.

But grammar seems to lack completely. The focus of that site is vocabulary and "multimedia" learning, seeing and listening a certain word or phrase in different situations and circumstances. This may aid vocabulary memorization, but i fear the learner will stick to that phrases if that site is his only resource.

So, IMO it's a neat site to complement a systematic training, but not to substitute it.

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