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Can you recommand some good audio lessons? I need to learn German and I wanna use my "free time" for example when I'm walking with my 15m old son in the park or when I do some chores at home, I can carry with me an MP3 player, and listen to german lessons.

I know the basic (A1 level), but I don't mind learning from scratch.

I have listened and liked Rocket German 6 Day Course sample ( here it is ), but I can't afford it at 299$.

I would like something similar to that, free or cheaper (under $100).

P.S. also if you have any good sugestions for "dedicated" time where I have access to a computer/internet, I already use BBC, DW and about.

Thank you (Danke schön).

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Further information here. – hhh Aug 5 '12 at 19:35
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This website has a list of free resources you could access:

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I have listened to the first part of "Deutsch – warum nicht?", they are great especially if you know a little bit of german. Than you. – Radu Maris Oct 6 '11 at 8:23
Because resources are for iTunes I can't open them as podcast in Linux (Rhythmbox), to load them in Linux, just transorm the link using this online application – Radu Maris Oct 6 '11 at 14:21

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