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How do you translate Infoabend in English?

linguee translates it as "information evening" which sounds odd to me

and LEO doesn't even have an entry for it.

and "open house" is another kind of event, and is translated as "Tag der offenen Tür".

An Infoabend is usually just a more casual event usually with a presentation and time afterwards to ask questions and meet the people at a clinic, company, organization, etc.

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Pons also uses "information evening" and it is used online very often: – John Smithers Jan 3 '12 at 17:49
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The German "Infoabend" is a more colloquial or modern form for "Informationsveranstaltung" (when held in the evening). Depending on the context there are many possible translations to English, most closest may be:

Welcome meeting
Information meeting

In a commercial setting we may also use


In case its part of a project planning there is

Kickoff meeting

The latter also exists as a loanword in German.

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Further types of meetings that might fit here (depending upon the context) are "orientation meeting" (for newcomers, new employees etc.), "brown bag meeting" (for informal meeting during lunch or dinner). – Alexander Galkin Jan 3 '12 at 23:04

It might sound odd, but I've seen it used and it pretty much addresses what an "Infoabend" is.

I've also seen:

Q and A meeting
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