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For example, which of these is correct:

Ich esse gern Pizza


Ich esse Pizza gern

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There is even a third alternative: Gerne esse ich Pizza. although it might not be all that elegant... But grammatically it's correct. – musiKk Mar 7 '12 at 14:11
You can also say: "Pizza esse ich gern." – celtschk Jun 11 '13 at 22:53
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Both are correct. To me, Ich esse gerne Pizza hints at a question like Was ist Dein Lieblingsessen, whereas Ich esse Pizza gern would be more appropriate as an answer to Magst Du Pizza? That is, I would put the important word (the one carrying new information) at the end of the phrase.

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+1 , I'd like to add that the second alternative "Ich esse Pizza gern." is also a good response if another person just said that he or she doesn't like pizza. "Ich esse Pizza gern." then has a notion of "I don't get how one can't like it" whereas "Ich esse gern Pizza" would be a bit more doubtful as to whether you yourself are a bit weird for liking it... it is veeeeeeery subtle though, my subjective perception and it highly depends on intonation I guess – Emanuel Mar 7 '12 at 16:46

Ich esse gern Pizza sounds more natural than Ich esse Pizza gern to a native speaker, even though both are correct.

Better: Ich esse gerne Pizza (standard language)

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It depends. When you want to express that pizza is your favourite meal you can say:

Ich esse gern Pizza.

When you admit that you would be happy to eat pizza, e.g. that has already been ordered or served, you would say:

Ich esse Pizza gern.

In the first case, I would prefer "gerne" instead of "gern".

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You can also say

"Ich mag Pizza" - this means that you like pizza.

"Ich esse Pizza gern" is a more formal way of saying it but if you want to say it to friends you should just say "ich mag Pizza" - they all mean the same thing.

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