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I want to read some conversation in places like a shop, a restaurant, in a class between student and teacher, college and other occasions. It should be something like this English website:

Everyday English in Conversation

I'd prefer conversations that are not very short and old-fashioned words are not used in them.

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Deutsche Welle Online might be a good place to start. There are audio clips to listen to as well as worksheets to print out. They offer a variety of courses that address language from everyday speech, news, business, travel, mystery, etc. with "Deutsch - warum nicht?", "Wieso nicht?", "Marktplatz?", "Radio D", and others.

Here is their main link to choose your native language: DW Deutschkurse
Here is their link for English: DW Deutschkurse Englisch

I think that might be what you're looking for. And DW is certainly a reputable source.

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