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Is it correct to say:

Wie geht's Dir die Ferien?

Not sure if it makes sense or not.

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I would say:

Wie waren deine Ferien?


Wie war dein Urlaub?

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Thankyou, Danke sehr! –  MattyBeales Jul 1 '12 at 10:31

Baz answer Wie waren deine Ferien?? or Wie war dein Urlaub? is correct. It's the question How are your Holidays - you are asking a specific person about his/her holiday.

You may also say Wie waren die Ferien?or Wie war der Urlaub?. This is a more general question. It could be asked to a group (e.g. a teacher could ask a class and everybody could tell about his/her holiday).

Wie geht's Dir die Ferien? is wrong. Wie geht es Dir in den Ferien? would be something like How do you feel during your holidays - it's no about the past and it sound a bit strange.

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