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Is Duolingo regarded as a good way to being learning German? Given the emphasis on learning by translation, which I've heard mixed opinions about, I was wondering if people believed this was a good or not so good method before I commit any sort of time to it?

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I've recently tried Duolingo. I'm an intermediate German learner, but I started at the beginning of their process, just to follow it through and see what it would be like. While very basic at present, I find it a very enjoyable alternative and reinforcement tool. When I posted some German at the end of one of the sessions, I amazingly got 8 or 9 people responding to my post with suggestions and corrections and all of them were pleasant and supportive comments. No spammers or 'jerks' out there. I have also tried the text translation aspect. It's a bit clunky, as they seem to be literally 'scarping' stuff off the internet to be translated, so lots of it is out of context, incomplete, etc. But, the good thing is you get to pick and choose what you attempt, etc. and you get feedback. So, all-in-all... I think Duolingo is a worthwhile addition to anything else you might be using for your German learning. Standalone? It won't get you there, but it's a help and it's fun, which I think is important to the overall learning process and keeping you motivated

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