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Here are lines from children book:

"Vorher wollen wir noch darüber sprechen, wie all unsere Körperteile heißen."

"Aber das ist doch kullerleicht", denkt Lisa.

What is meaning of word kullerleicht?

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I don't know the word and I don't think it really exist. I think it is a new word creation. If you search at Google you find the word in a children song. In children songs you often find this kind of new phantasy words.

Google’s NGram Viewer doesn’t know it, too: Google Ngram Viewer: kullerleicht& declination forms.

It's a combination of kinderleicht (very easy) and kullern (to roll around). Kullerleicht is as easy as to roll around. Another source could be a game with marbles

There is also a word Kuller (a part of a plane), but I don't think there is a relation to kullerleicht.

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