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My figure streches over two pages. On the second page, what would you append to the figure title: (Fortsetzung), (Fortgesetzt), or something else? In English, I would probably write (Continued)


| Das Römische Reich                |
|                                   |
//                                  //
|                                   |
|                              S. 1 |

| Das Römische Reich (Fortsetzung)  |
|                                   |
//                                  //
|                                   |
|                              S. 2 |
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Not sure that I understand the Question… You have a figure (a map? a timeline?) that spans two pages. Presumably these are facing pages. Why would you need to put a caption below the figure on the second page? I would just put a caption on the first page without (continued) or (Fortsetzung). If the pages are non-sequential, you would put "Weiter auf Seite XYZ" at the bottom of page 1 and "Fortsetzung von Seite 1" at the top of page XYZ. – Eugene Seidel Feb 11 '13 at 17:25
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Both is possible. However, Fortsetzung is more common. I learned to use Fortsetzung, so I recommend that.

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If you write it in Brackets, than use "(Fortsetzung)".

"fortgesetzt" is only used within a sentence. For example:

Wrong: (especially in titles)
"Die Reise (fortgesetzt)"

"Die Reise (Fortsetzung)" //as a Title of something
"Die Reise wurde fortgesetzt." //as a sentence in a text

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