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  1. Will I become like him.
  2. What will become of it.
  3. I wanted to get into teaching.
  4. It is not even open (opened).
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Thank you for asking here, but unfortunately this question is not a good fit to our site (see faq). Please note that we are not a translation service. You may get this question reopened by adding a) some context, and b) your research effort, i.e. why you could not translate these examples. –  Takkat Mar 1 '13 at 7:27
Even though it is clear that your native language is English, your question should demonstrate at least SOME knowledge of German. That is, you should make an "honest attempt" to translate these sentences yourself, and show what you have come up with, so we can judge your level of competence. If you make mistakes, we are here to help you "over the hump." We are NOT here to provide a translation service "from scratch." Good luck in your study of German. –  Tom Au May 28 '13 at 13:32

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1.: Werde ich wie er?

2.: Was wird daraus? (Not sure about this one, maybe needs more context)

3.: Ich wollte Lehrer werden. (Word by word isn't possible here)

4.: Es ist nicht mal offen (geöffnet).

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