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I frequently come across words like versprechen, erhalten, beliefern. Because my vocabulary is limited, i can detect that the verbs sprechen, halten and liefern were spoken but i do not know what ver-sprechen, er-halten and be-liefern mean. Is there a definite meaning of prefixes like these?

How should i tackle this topic of prefixes so that when a verb with a prefix is spoken, i can guess/know what it would mean. Thanks

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yes, there is but hardly can it be framed in a catchy manner. You can either accept up to 5 different concepts or you have to settle for a REALLY vague and abstract idea that each prefix kind of sort of represents... they are an integral part of German and you will likely spend some time on them. – Emanuel May 6 '13 at 20:33
Has there been a software update? The suggestions in the "Related" sidebar are getting better. – Eugene Seidel May 7 '13 at 3:05

there is a difference, and you cant say its general this (...) way.

for example sprechen means talking. but versprechen means promise or to misspeak

you have to learn them, there isnt a general rule i guess

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