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I was searching for company names, and reached to a German word 'Strahlen' through Google. As per Google it meant 'rays'. I need a suggestion that, what is the exact meaning of 'Strahlen' and 'Strahler'. Can these be used as noun?

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strahlen can be either a verb with the meaning of 'to shine', 'to beam',... or a noun, however, the "S" must be capitalized then: Strahlen, which is the plural form to Strahl='ray', 'beam'

Strahler = an object that emits the beams...

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There also is the figurative strahlen – Takkat May 30 '13 at 13:38

Both of them are nouns. And Google was right with translating Strahlen to rays. Strahler is the thing which sends out rays, but in a technical sense, like 'projector' or a 'radiator'.

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