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Obviously in English, you can say stuff like "My German is terrible," or equivalent. But how is it in German? Is the following expression "correct"?

Mein Deutsch ist gut / schlecht / verbessert sich noch / usw.

(I realize that in this sense, the word "Deutsch" is synonymous with the word "Deutschkenntnis". So another way to phrase this question would be: can the word "Deutschkenntnis" be shortened to "Deutsch" in written as well as spoken German?)

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It's ok. but there belongs an "H" in "schlecht". But there is nothing wrong about "mein Deutsch". You can write it, too. EDIT: You've also messed up the letters in "Deutsch".

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Please fix typos and don't address them in your answer. Instead you might add further content, e.g. about "Deutschkenntnis" and its proper use in same context. –  Em1 Aug 22 '13 at 17:34

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