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I've found a timetable for sports courses. The columns seem to describe ID, time and something more. What could A, L and F mean?


10101   L       Mo  20.00-21.30
10102   A       Di  17.00-18.30
10106   A       Do  17.00-18.30
10108   A       Di  17.00-18.30
10109   F       Di  17.00-18.30


10301   A           Mo  17.00-18.30
10302   F           Mo  17.00-18.30
10303   L Frauen    Mo  18.30-20.00
10304   L Männer    Mo  18.30-20.00
10305   F           Di  18.30-20.00
10308   F Frauen    Do  17.00-18.30
10309   F Männer    Do  18.30-20.00

The actual table does not provide column titles or a legend.

Other texts are written at some rows, such as "freies Spiel" and "Auswahl". This leads me to think that that's what A and F stand for. However, it doesn't explain L, and it wouldn't make much sense to abbreviate some cells but not others.

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To quote the site:

Badminton Anfänger (A) und Fortgeschrittene (F) wird im Sommersemester in 2 Kursreihen mit jeweils 6 (bzw.5) Terminen angeboten. Das Leistungstraining (L) findet über das gesamte Semesterprogramm statt.

So A stands for beginners, F for intermediates and L seems to be a program with consecutive courses.

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Hm, perhaps I should have thought of looking at the badminton-specific page :) Thanks! – Tim Jun 1 '11 at 13:55
Some pages (like badminton) have an explanation, while others (like basketball) just omit it. So it is not your fault ;) – cularis Jun 1 '11 at 13:56

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