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Here is a sentence from book:

Wenn möglich, bevorzugen wir die direkte Kommunikation und vermeiden die meist deutlich aufwendigeren und verlustbehafteteren indirekten Kommunikationstechniken.

I do understand verlust = loss

Is behafteteren similar to behaftet?

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Wenn an etwas Verlust haftet ist es verlustbehaftet. Die Steigerungsform ist verlustbehafteter. Manche Grafikkompressionsverfahren sind verlustbehafteter als andere. –  user unknown Oct 7 '13 at 19:02

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behafteter is the "comparative" form of behaftet

am behaftetsten

now this comparative form is inflected to match the feminine gender. you just change the stem to our comparative form and the result is:


a fitting translation would maybe be:

more afflicted

in combination with Verlust this becomes:

afflicted wit losses --> lossy  
more afflicted with losses --> lossier

this makes the whole sentence translate to:

If possible, we prefer direct communication and avoid the considerably 
lossier and more laborious means of indirect communication
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