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I want to say "I will go back home (in another country) for two weeks"

(a) Ich gehe für zwei Wochen zurück nach Hause

(b) Ich gehe zwei Wochen zurück nach Hause

Which one is correct?

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Both ones are correct. The first gains the time aspect a bit more. And it prevents the misunderstanding it could take 2 weeks to go home.

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I think you could also say

"Ich werde für zwei Wochen heimkehren."

From my understanding you need a form of 'werden' to talk in future tense. I assume you meant that when you wrote "I want to say I will go back home...". Plus heimkehren means "to return home" so it seems pretty all inclusive for what you want to say.

This website has example sentences with using heimkehren and that's why I think it's a better verb for your example. Maybe even zurückkehren might work.

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As it is true that heimkehren does indeed cover the meaning it nevertheless is a bit old fashioned to say. "Nach Hause gehen/fahren/kommen" is far more often used in contemporary German. – Takkat Oct 12 '13 at 15:12
@Takkat: Oh I see! I'm glad you told me. I found this verb because this question made me think about the verb zurueckkehren. I had read the verb in my vocab book and saw that it means 'to return', but I wasn't sure it was right for this context. I looked it up and came across heimkkehren. Again, good thing you commented because I'd prolly sound pretty strange saying it, lol. Learn something new everyday! – CreeperNation Oct 12 '13 at 15:24
If you like you can add this by an edit to your answer but note that heimkehren is not wrong ;) – Takkat Oct 12 '13 at 15:48

The first one is correct, but rather than b) I would say

"Ich gehe zwei Wochen lang zurück nach Hause."


"Ich gehe zwei Wochen lang heim."

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