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I am hoping someone can advise as to the correct word order for the translation of "mountain view". A friend that was fluent in German says berg blick. I also came across a German Shepherd Dog breeder that has used blick berg or blickberg as a kennel name. Any knowledgeable input would be appreciated.

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What did your dictionary say? – user unknown Nov 20 '13 at 4:29

»Bergblick« is the correct translation of »Mountain View«. »Bergblick« is mentally expanded to »Blick auf den Berg / zum Berg«, whereas »Blickberg« would probably be interpreted as a proper name, like »Blick mountain« in English.

(There's also a real mountain surnamed »Blocksberg« and related to witchcraft (check Google), maybe that's what the kennel was named.)

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It is “Bergblick” as one can see from numerous hotel and restaurant names.

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"mountain view"

The base here is view, determined by the word order. It's pretty the same in German.

So one takes Blick which further will be described more specific.

Was für ein Blick genießt du? - What kind of view you enjoy?
Einen Bergblick - A mountain view

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To me as a native speaker "Bergblick" sounds awkward. suggest "Bergansicht" which is even stranger. I wouldn't express it in one word but rather use "Sicht auf die Berge" ("view onto the mountains"). None of the suggestions beside that are wrong, they just sound weird to us. :)

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