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How do I say "One day on a sunny Sunday morning" in German?

Eines Tages eines sonnigen Sonntagmorgens bin ich mit meiner Schwester im Park zum Training gelaufen.

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Don't we already know it's sunny because it's Sunday? Just kidding :)

I'd say...

An einem sonnigen Sonntagmorgen

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Good answer! Its the shortest (hence best) way to express this :) – Takkat Dec 21 '13 at 8:56

So there is the literal translations:

Eines Tages an einem sonnigen Sonntagmorgen ...
Eines Tages, ein sonniger Sonntagmorgen, ...

But this versions are not really good style as both, "Eines Tages", and "ein sonniger Sonntagmorgen" are an expression for the same indefinite day.

So we'd probably say something more along the line of

Eines sonnigen Sonntagmorgens ... (omitting the day because a sunday is a day)

or, if we need the day for an accurate translation

Eines Tages, es war ein sonniger Sonntagmorgen, ...

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