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Is there a word in German I can use to describe the difference between the expected result and reality?

My boss is German and he constantly thinks our database has more information on a per person basis than it actually contains and it would be great to explain this in a term or terms he would better understand.

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The first word jumping to my mind here is


But this most probably will not solve your problem, as it only describes a difference between two results.

The best way IMHO is to describe the actual given result, in this case:

Die Datenbank enthält zu jedem Nutzer nur Nutzernamen und E-Mail-Adresse.
The database only contains username and e-mail address for each user.

If you want to stress the difference between the boss' expectation, you can prepend:

Im Gegensatz zu ihren Erwartungen …
As opposed to your expectations …

I would consider this as a bit rude though.

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Unterschied zwischen Erwartungen und Realität

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Please try to add some explanation. Your suggestion is useful, but not helpful. Currently OP probably does not know how to handle this phrase. – Vogel612 Dec 27 '13 at 1:50

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