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How do you say "a storm forms in the ocean" in German?

  1. Der Sturm formt sich über dem Ozean.

  2. Der Sturm bildet sich über dem Ozean.

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Another possibility is

Der Sturm braute sich über dem Ozean zusammen.

This translation is especially used in literary text types.

zusammenbrauen describes the emergence of a potentially threatening situation, in this case a storm. zusammenbrauen can also be used for mixing different liquids.

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Both are correct, but bildet is the use regarded as both more accurate and the phrase used in most of my meteorology books.

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Also heard of is

Ein Sturm kommt/zieht über dem Ozean auf.

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The most basic and neutral one for a storm would be

Der Sturm entsteht...

Bilden works too, but entstehen is much more common (bilden, enstehen on Google). Also, the noun would definitely be

Die Entstehung des Sturms

and not die Bildung.

Any other choice (the ones suggested in the other answers) adds color.

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