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I would like to use it in this context:

Ich lebe auf den Philippinen, um genauer zu sein, dem Visayas-Gebiet.

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Sounds good to me! – adibender Dec 29 '13 at 15:37
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A common expression to further specify a statement is by using "und zwar". In the given example this would then lead to the following sentence:

Ich lebe auf den Philippinen, und zwar im Visayas-Gebiet.

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Yes - to be more exact can be translated as um genauer zu sein.

But in your case, you would rather say:

Ich lebe auf den Philippinen, um genau(er) zu sein, im Visayas-Gebiet.

The Philippines are islands - you life on (auf) them.
But you woudn't say 'Ich lebe auf dem Visayas-Gebiet' - rather use 'im Visayas-Gebiet' (in dem).

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I would actually prefer to have the "um genau zu sein" at the end, as an afterthought. Seems more idiomatic to me. – Emanuel Dec 30 '13 at 16:50

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