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How do you say "You are something" in German?

I'd like to say it in this context :

Why can't you meet my Parents??!! You're something, you know that?!

Here's my attempt. Can one say:

Du bist (et)was.

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Can you put it in a wider context? I only know "you're something else". In which situation you use this? –  halirutan Jan 1 at 3:52
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Implying that you mean that someone is special, you can use

Du bist schon was!


Du bist was Besonderes!

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Note that when talking about someones achievements in life you might use "Du bist [schon|wirklich] wer!". However "wer" implies a male, "was" is neuter (so be very cautious if you use it with a female) and the similiar term "Du bist [schon] eine/-r!" has a completely different meaning. –  dog Jan 3 at 7:36
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