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What does altes Haus mean?

Was geht, altes Haus?

Does it mean “What’s up, pal”?

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4 – Person, Mensch


umgangssprachlich scherzhaft


er ist ein fideles, gemütliches, gelehrtes Haus

wie gehts, altes Haus (alter Freund)

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Yes, altes Haus is probably best described as pal or bro. Someone which needs to a good friend or a guy from your clique you see regularly. I would say a good English translation, which gives you the right feeling is

Whaddup, bro!?

You (maybe) souldn't use it at work, but with your homies it is OK.

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I'd say Altes Haus is more like Old Chap. Bro sounds too much like frat kids, and Altes Haus is more of an older term. – Robert Jan 1 '14 at 21:05

The Great Gatsby says old chap in English, and altes Haus in at least one German translation that I have read (Johanna Elsworth — 2011).

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