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Was würdest du an meiner Stelle machen?
Was würdest du an meiner Stelle tun?

And is "an meiner Stelle" more common or "in meiner Lage"?

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For the 2nd part regarding "an meiner Stelle" versus "in meiner Lage": are they total synonyms? –  thekeyofgb Jan 5 at 18:19
I guess "an meiner Stelle" is more common than "in meiner Lage" because it carries stronger emotional binding of the situation (for translations that grossly exaggerate this difference: "if you were me" as opposed to "if you happened to be in a more or less comparable situation") –  Hagen von Eitzen Jan 5 at 18:38

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"In meiner Lage" is "in my situation / position / condition" and therefore not 100% interchangable with "an meiner Stelle" (/"In my spot" aka "if you were me").

also "an meiner Stelle tun" sounds way more natural, though both your ideas are gramatically correct.

Source: Native speaker

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