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Anmk. or Anm is an abbreviation for Anmerkung, which in this context should be an explanatory note / remark / note. 10 Anm. 1 means Remark Nr. 10 Paragraph 1


Anmk. is Anmerkung (remark), also abbreviated Anm. Then, for instance Anmk. is the 23rd remark. As side note: Anmk. seems to be replaced by Anm., as this ngram suggests.


It would be nice to tell us your sources too. Generally speaking I would agree. uñ is surely translated with und. Yet after some googeling I found some other versions of your quote: http://turba-delirantium.skyrocket.de/bibliotheca/carmina-burana_cb174a.htm Suozer roservarwer munt, chum vnde mache mich gesunt! chum vnde mache mich gesunt, suozer ...


In addition to c.p.s answer, some more units: m² and m³ 14 m² = vierzehn Quatratmeter 3,18 m³ = drei Komma eins acht Kubikmeter 3,18 m³ = drei Komma achtzehn Kubikmeter (only if there are exactly 2 digits after the comma) % (technically it's just a pseudo-unit, but as matter of Language it is a unit) 0,5 % = null Komma fünf Prozent 0,5 % = ein ...


As was already said, the best way — and the only way for room dimensions — to read m² would be Quadratmeter However, that doesn’t work that well with all units. Everything that relates to area, i. e. the different metres, and the old imperial units like Elle or Fuß, will work. For most other units, it’s slightly preferred to say something like ...


The superindex ² is pronounced quadrat. In combination with meters, you say: Quadratmeter (engl. square meter[s]) The action to take the square of a quantity is quadrieren There's an irregular power left (in the sense that it has its own name, instead of just saying hoch N), namely three: Kubikmeter There also exists the slightly more ...

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