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"Since Hilfe is accusative and feminine," you would be right about dringende if it were used as an adjective to modify Hilfe. So your idea is not wrong with regard to the declension of an adjective, as phrased. The more common usage, however, is to use an adverb to modify brauchen. Then the correct form is dringend. Em1 made this point when he said that "...


As mentioned in a comment, it's used as an adverb. It'd be more clear if the sentence read: Dringend brauchen wir Hilfe. That being said, your assumption isn't wrong either. Wir brauchen dringende Hilfe. In that case dringende is the adjective that describes the noun. It's just more common here to use the adverb to describe urgency rather than ...


You use this form when you don't use an article with the noun, so mostly with names. In ganz Köln gibt es kein besseres Bier. Ganz Europa feiert heute. Just like you would not use an article with names ("Das Europa ist ein Kontinent" sounds odd).

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