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dünn: anything that has a small diameter, i.e. is thin; antonym: dick; if in doubt use this word schlank: mostly restricted to slim humans and other slender living beings, and parts thereof like Bein ‘leg’ and Zweig ‘twig’, sounds healthier than dünn (Schlankheitskur ‘slimming cure’, seemingly related to Schlange ‘snake, queue’ ); antonym: füllig; if used ...


Correct is: Das italienische Restaurant. Das neue Fitnessstudio. Das neueste Auto. The reason is that adjectives belonging to a noun with a definite article in nominative singular neuter (das Auto, das Restaurant, das Fitnessstudio) always get declined by appending an "e". See this page for further explanations.


I just happened upon a good contrasting pair: Hillary ist schlechter als Trump. Hillary is less skilled/able than Trump. or Hillary is more evil than Trump. Hillary ist schlimmer als Trump. Hillary has worse consequences than Trump. (i.e., electing Hillary would be worse for America or the world than electing Trump.) Never mind the politics of the ...

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