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Generally dictionaries can't handle "Modalpartikel", special function words that convey additional information about the mode in which the speaker means his utterance. The various uses of a modal particles can only be clarified separately by giving an example sentence and a description as to what information the modal particle conveys. The various modalities ...


Nothing tricky about it, the answer is a straightforward yes. All adverbs, when used in first position, are followed by a verb in second position which is followed by the sentence subject.


For b) you’d have to use the adverb: Zugegebenermaßen stimmt das.


The answer is rather simple.The sentence in the example isn't actually a real sentence in that there is no main sentence. It is a shortened version of this: Wahrscheinlich habe ich die Wohnung nie vergessen, weil... or this Wahrscheinlich war das (was ich im Satz davor gesagt habe) der Fall, weil... As for "urischen Horror"... look for Urangst. ...

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