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The rule is rather simple: To make definite references, use the definite article. For indefinite references, use the indefinite article in the singular or no article in plural. Let’s strip your examples of everything unnecessary: Sie erträgt Kinder nicht. This one has no article, so it generally means she cannot stand children. Sie erträgt die ...


Your examples 2 and 3 are correct, 1 is wrong. A legal example similar to example 1 would be: Die Frau kann es nicht ertragen, Kinder um sich zu haben. Meines would only be valid in genitive singular, like: Der Mantel meines Kindes ist verschwunden.


The first sentence doesn't make sense at all. One might understand it as Hey kids, the woman at my office can't stand it. But in German, there'd be a comma missing before "Kinder"... The second sentence is fully correct. It means: The woman at my office can not stand children. The "es" in "kann es ertragen" is only required if there's no closer ...

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