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Jungs, zieht euch warm an The meaning is not a recommendation to wear warm clothes, it is something like "macht Euch auf 'was gefasst", You can find some discussions on it at Leo: sich warm anziehen zieht euch warm an! There was a question for an English translation of the meaning at


Ich habe nicht alle ausprobiert, aber ich denke das von Langenscheidt ist das Beste. Es hat genug Audiosamples, jedoch wenige Beispiels├Ątze. Daf├╝r eignet sich Dictionary for German as a foreign language PREMIUM by PONS zum Nachschlagen von Beispielen - hat aber keine Audiosamples. iPad Duden - German spelling dictionary, 25th edition (beinhaltet aber ...


How did you search at Google? I tried it with and found some hits. Technical remark: Google forwards me alqays the the German version of Google. Perhaps thats a reason, why I get more results. A short history: Mundart-Tonbeispiele (universtity ...


If what you mean by scientific German is the German Bildungssprache, a recorded lecture in any subject will be an ideal resource. There is a website which offers MOOCs in German and I am sure you can find more resources of this kind. If you don't care about the content and just want a lot of very beautiful, sophisticated and precise German, I recommend ...

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