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As an Austrian I can confirm that both are correct. Dachboden is the widely used one, while Speicher is used more rarely. Speicher (as also translated in IT) also means storage. So in former times this area was also used to store Heu (hay) and other goods. So people — especially farmers and people in rural areas still call it Speicher.


The answer is definitely Dachboden The first time I heard the word »Speicher« was when I started to learn programing on a computer (Speicher = storage). Some years later I was a little bit confused when I heard a German say »Ich habe noch eine alte Nähmaschine auf dem Speicher.« (»I have an old sawing machine on my attic«) because I understood »I ...


You can find a very detailed answer to this question in the Atlas der deutschen Alltagssprache. According to this source it is Dachboden in Austria. (I am not Austrian, so I hope either Hubert or Ingmar will confirm ;-)). I also can confirm the usage of Speicher in Upper Bavaria and simply Boden in Saxony. (At least in my childhood, I had almost forgotten ...


Ich hoffe, dass es in Ordnung ist, wenn ich auf Deutsch antworte. (Ich finde es etwas seltsam, in einer Fremdsprache über österreichische Dialekte zu schreiben.) Ich wurde 1965 in Graz geboren, meine Eltern stammen aus der Oststeiermark (Mutter aus Weiz, Vater aus Riegersburg bei Feldbach). Meine Taufpatin war eine Schwester meiner Mutter, und für ...

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