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Sense: What date would be convenient? - Wann passt (to fit) es am besten? Your aunt would like to do it again this year. - Deine Tante täte am liebsten heuer (dieses Jahr) nochmal. (Kein vollständiger Satz.) Do you want to say anything else? - Möchtest du noch was sagen? No, I have to work/go to work. - Nein, (ich) muss arbeiten. - Remark: It should be ...


I do not understand Bavarian very well and the spelling seems not to be 100% correct, so if I got a meaning wrong please leave a comment. 1. "wann basds am bestm" "Wann passt es am besten?" "When would be the best time?" 2. "dei dande dad am liabstn heia nomoi" "Deine Tante würde am liebsten dieses Jahr nochmal..." " Your aunt would ...

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