Gebrochene Schrift, Fraktur – Blackletter typefaces such as fraktur, textura or schwabacher and “broken” handwriting such as Offenbacher and Sütterlin.

“Broken” typefaces and handwriting (gebrochene Schrift) dominated German writing until the middle of the 20th century, when they were banned by the Nazis and never recovered. They are distinguished by broken letterforms, e.g., the letter o never being plainly round.

This tag is for questions about their particular spelling and typesetting rules in the German language (including the use of the long s (ſ)) as well as for decyphering texts using them (relevant Meta discussion).

The main subcategories of blackletter typefaces are:

  • Fraktur
  • Textura (also called Gothic at times)
  • Schwabacher
  • Rundgotisch

Broken handwriting styles include:

  • Sütterlin
  • Offenbacher

Blackletter examples

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