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If there are words that differ solely by capitalisation and pronunciation, they are very few. Apart from Weg and weg I cannot think of any. In fact, homographes that aren’t homophones (so words that are written the same but not pronounced the same) are extremely rare in German. Short vowels are typically marked by a double consonant (and/or a consonant ...


For your specific case of sich etwas zunutze machen the orthographic rules are not clear. They are clear in cases such as das Vorgehen, das Zufußgehen and other more simple verbs. However, since German greatly adores compound nouns (or nouns derived from multiple fragments) written together as one word, I would also like to suggest das Sichzunutzemachen or ...


Except from the example "Weg" there is no common such pair. However, capitalising things works as an emphasizer, and that does affect pronunciation somewhat; it might be slower, more majestic, etc. Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: The door was the way to... to... The Door was The Way. Good. Capital letters were always the best ...


Yes, there are: Weg [veːk], weg [vɛk]. It is, however, not the capitalization itself that affects pronunciation; it just so happens that one of the words is a noun and therefore capitalized.


No, capitalization never has effect on pronunciation in german language.


Es heißt richtig: "sich etwas zunutze machen" Ich helfe mir bei solchen Wortbildungen damit, dass ich erst mal einen Artikel zum substantivierten Verb hinzufüge - Dann wird es für mich einfacher. Ich werfe noch eine Schreibung in den Ring, die ich als einzige substantivierte Form glaube, schon einmal gesehen zu haben: Durch das sich Zunutzemachen des ...

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