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This answer is based on several clarifying comments that have been posted on the question. However, the answer still remains speculative since we cannot know the actual expression that was used by your grandmother. The substantive that starts with [v] and means (little) woman or wife could be: dat Wicht (German: das Mädchen; English: the girl), dat Wiev ...


Rarely used expressions are also "Fleischpeitsche" (meat whip), "Kronjuwelen" (crownjewels) or "Schniepi".


Two words that haven’t been mentioned yet but I like pretty much: Zipfel Schwengel However, I feel that they may even be less offensive than Schwanz which would admittedly be a better choice here from what I hear.


Dieser Ausdruck ist eine Variation für Was bedeutet (der Name)?. Die Wendung wird allgemein am häufigsten wohl in Form von Was soll das? als Kurzform für Was soll das bewirken/werden/bedeuten? verwendet, wobei das meist eine Aktion oder Tat des Angesprochenen bezeichnet. Soweit ich es beurteilen kann, wird das in ganz Deutschland verwendet, ist aber kein ...


One could add the following: Der Schniedel … tallywacker Der Pullermann/Pillermann … pee-pee which are usually used for the penis when talking to (and about) kids. You may also use: Der Piepmatz … which normally refers to a bird (I don't recall having heard of it, but it appears as a synonym of penis here where you may find other synonyms!) Der Schaft ...

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