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You are right. #1 is correct. In case of just one single person you use bin. E.g. "Ich bin im Cafe" If there are 2 or more persons as in your case, you use sind.


It is Was hältst Du davon?, as it derives from halten. Halten and its conjugated forms are always spelt the same: Ich halte Du hältst Er/Sie/Es hält ... When used in the context of asking people for their opinion, Was hälst Du davon is wrong. It is either a typo or written by a person not knowing the difference between halten and halsen.


Probably an older edition. Normally lists of irregular verbs are not the state-of-art. And in older editions such lists were meant mainly for Germans. Gradually publishing houses have discovered that there are people who want to learn German and that dictionaries for learners require a totally new concept. Have a look at recent editions of dictionaries, ...

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