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I haven't found any explanation of abbreviations on that site, but having skimmed some entries I suppose that inf stands for informal. I guess the first inf belongs to the German term versieben and the second one to the English to make a mess of. Edit: How inf possibly was created If you submit entries to that site, you can add some optional (tag-like) ...


Abbreviations used in dictionaries are listed in dictionaries in the introductory pages. The first thing to do when you use a dictionary is to see what is in the introductory pages and what is in the apendix. In an English dictionary inf can either mean informal or infinitive. From what you have indicated in your question I can see that your dictionary ...


I suppose it means "informal" and is an indication of language level. On other entries you can find e.g. "sl" (slang) and "vulg" (vulgar).


Inf means Infinitiv in German dictionaries, which means the same thing as the English word infinitive, which is the modus of the verb.

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