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And for "laid to rest" a nice way of saying that in German would be "zu Grabe getragen" or "zur letzten Ruhe geleitet / gebettet" Jim Morrison wurde in Paris zu Grabe getragen. Jim Morrison wurde in Paris zur letzten Ruhe geleitet / gebettet.


Correct me if my perception of the English sentence is wrong, but I think that She was born in Kansas with her parents being born in Washington. does not carry any extra meaning over She was born in Kansas, her parents were born in Washington. and that the former is only chosen because it seems more fluid. If so then I would not choose any of ...


Die letzte Ruhestätte is a popular choice. On a somewhat elevated language level one would write: Jim Morrison fand seine letzte Ruhestätte auf dem Père Lachaise in Paris.


I can't think of an idiomatic translation that doesn't need an extra (subordinate) sentence. So I suppose you rephrase the parts in italics giving rise to a German translation using a (subordinate) sentence: Sie ist/wurde in Kansas geboren, wobei ihre Eltern in Washington geboren wurden/sind. Sie ist/wurde in Kansas geboren. Dabei wurden/sind ihre ...


In case “let me tell you” is used with the meaning “let me assure you”: “…, let me tell you.” → „…, das kann ich dir sagen.“ “Let me tell you that …” → „Ich kann dir versichern, dass …“


Let me tell you ... I don't think that "Lassen Sie mich Ihnen sagen ..." is a typical German formula. Without knowing what follows it is hardly possible to find a typical equivalent. If some advice is given I would begin with "Darf ich Ihnen einen Rat geben?"


I'm not sure (mostly because of missing context), but I think the corresponding phrase in German is Ich sag dir was Literally it would be Lass mich dir (et)was sagen Both probably followed by a comma or a colon, polite form with Ihnen instead of dir. Dict.cc lists another possibility: Lass (es) dir gesagt sein which is also fine, yet more ...


Es macht keinen Unterschied. is a very good translation. Colloquially, you could also say Es kommt auf's selbe raus. Es kommt auf's gleiche raus. Es ist gehüpft wie gesprungen (or some dialectal variant). Some more good suggestions from the comments: Es spielt keine Rolle (thanks @Chris) Es ist gleich/egal. (thanks @karoshi)

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