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First we have to see who's talking to whom saying "Sorry, not now, I am too busy". A boss towards an employee would say "Sorry, not now", but probably wouldn't add "I am too busy", not having to explain why this isn't the right time to interrupt. An employee towards the boss would probably put it at all differently. But an employee would say that to ...


Oder umgangssprachlich: Tut mir leid, ich hab(e) zu tun.


Beschäftigt is the right choice here because besetzt would translate back to occupied in this context. Your suggestion is not incorrect. You could however vary by adding gerade (for the right now) and/or skipping the not now. Example: Entschuldigen Sie, aber ich bin gerade sehr beschäftigt.


Yes, hear them from time to time. "Kollege X ist ein Angsthase, der hat mal wieder den Schwanz eingezogen" oder "Es gab damals Freibier? Das halte ich für ein Märchen (often too: für ein Gerücht)". However, I believe that these expressions vary greatly from region to region and even speaker to speaker; sometimes it happens that I use something which my ...

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