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I marked a possible translation of "in that". De: Der Zweitsprachenerwerb ist insofern genauso wichtig wie der Erstspracherwerb, als dass sie die gleichen Phasen der Entwicklung haben. Notice that "in that" is divided in two parts ("insofern" and "als")


You are totally right concerning your confusion. Kein Thema is a buzzword; actually it is hip to use boring silly two-word sentences: Kein Thema, nicht daf├╝r, kein Problem. Horrible!


Your reading A seems to be correct (I must, however, admit I don't really understand your reading B) Des einen seins can be ripped apart to "Das Seine des einen" and is a kind of grammatical tautology, expressing possession both through genitive and the personal pronoun. In today's language, I would be using only one of both means to express posession: ...


This expression is definitely archaic. I cannot judge whether at that time it was standard language use, or if - as I assume - it was literary language not commonly found in non-literary writing. Your "Reading A" is correct. des einen stands indeed for des einen M├╝llerburschens. The possessive is expressed twice here, once by the genitive des and the other ...

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